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  In 1978, the US military commissioned Project Stargate, a team of researchers and scientists with one goal in mind: creating a psychic spy capable of seeing through someone else's eyes. They failed. You won't. 

 Winnebago is a stunning 'moment-maker' routine that uses nothing more than a regular, ungimmicked deck of playing cards: one participant takes any freely chosen card into another room, only looking at it when they are totally alone (no one else EVER sees this card until the very end of the performance). 

 Despite this isolation, another participant is able to see through their eyes and visualise the card being looked at with 100% accuracy!   

Winnebago is truly something that will get your audience talking, and make both participants feel like they took part in something truly inexplicable!

 A wonderful presentation! This is going directly into our act, highly recommended. So good, I hope no-one else buys it!
 R Lee Davis 

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